• Monday, 01 August, 2022 09:48:PM

    It seems the BJP government believes that the suspension of honourable members of both the houses is the solution for orderly behavior in the houses source says. It has become a daily affair and instead of fruitful discussions in the highest place of democracy members used to shout and sit on dharna outside near the statue of Mahatma Gandhi source says. From 2014 till date approximately the rate of suspension is 170% more in comparison to eight years of the earlier government of MR Manmohan Singh source says. The secretariats of both the houses say that from the 2015 mansion session 139 members have been suspended in comparison only 51 members were suspended from 2006 to 2014 source says. It is also true that language used in the parliament has changed a lot and very strong words are now used against each other. Source says for a democratic system healthy debates are also welcome and considered necessary but the selection of words during debates is very important to maintain decency.


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