• Monday, 01 August, 2022 09:48:PM

     The poor performance in the election of Mayors by the party cast shadow on the future of CM source says. BJP lost six seats out of fifteen and strangely lost the Jabalpur seat, considered to be a stronghold of the party source says. CM is a leader from OBC and BJP is not having any leader in the party of his stature to replace him. Other leaders are from the upper cast and the BJP will not take any chance to return the OBC leader with the upper cast candidate. Tomar, Scindhia, and Narottam Mishra will have to wait for some more time probably till the next elections source says. The state president BD Sharma is also Brahmin. The poor performance of the party in Gwalior and Muraina's stronghold of Scindia and Tomar respectively also helped CM reestablish his position. Source says he might be happy that his competitors almost lost importance in the eyes of the highest authorities of the party, source says.


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