• Monday, 01 August, 2022 09:48:PM

     After successfully taking over Punjab with the projection of free bees such as electricity and other sops on Delhi model Kejriwal is seriously working to defeat BJP in the home state of PM source says. 300 free units of electricity have become a very catching slogan for public source says. Kejriwal is also telling in meetings not to waste their votes by casting in favor of opposition parties, a clear indication without taking a name that not to vote for Congress in coming elections source says. AAP is trying to make inroads in the vote bank of the Congress party. The Bhartiya Tribal Party ( BTP) of Basawa is also trying to join hands with AAP source says this will also affect the voting pattern of Congress. Source says Congress is facing a double challenge in Gujrat, the first is from BJP and the other to save eroding of the base from AAP. Congress unless presents a united front and sincere work on the ground with a well-oiled strategy source says it will be difficult to put up serious challenges to the ruling party.


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