• Monday, 01 August, 2022 09:49:PM

     One time good friend an ally now not even on talking terms source says. Akhilesh Yadav was not in favor to send Jayant to Rajya Sabha but the friendship between the wife of Akhilesh and Jayant forced him to agree to give the ticket to Jayant in place of his wife source says. While granting a ticket to Jayant source says Akhilesh clearly said to Jayant that this Pandara Roadhouse is the only place for him to stay in Delhi and for this reason he wanted to give the ticket to his wife for continuance. Jayant Chaudhary said that just after his election he will apply for the same house for the comfort of Akhilesh source says. Just after becoming MP source says he applied for a house at Shahjahan Road, this pricked Akhilesh and after this betrayal, he slowly stopped picking up phone calls from Jayant Chaudhary. The gap has widened and probably will take Jayant Chaudhary in the BJP camp source says.


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