• Monday, 08 August, 2022 11:33:AM

     Nitish Kumar to lead the alliance with BJP in the 2024 elections has been indicated by party senior leaders to the state leaders during a recently held meeting of the party in the capital of Bihar source says. All the observations of local leaders that during last elections also BJP fared well even the leadership has been given to JD(U)source says. State leaders asserted that this act is demoralizing the active workers of the party. The thought process of the national leaders and local leaders seems to differ in many ways source says. The national leadership is happy with the power of pulling votes of OBC and other backward classes of the CM and is sure that in coming elections also the factor will go in the favour of the alliance source says. This show that CM is likely to continue for the time being and at least till the 2024 elections source says.


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