• Monday, 08 August, 2022 11:33:AM

     After completing three years as state party president Swatantrata Dev Yadav has tendered his resignation from the post. Since then murmuring going on in the party circle and everyone is busy guessing the name of the next president source says. If all calculations go according to plan, the state BJP will get Brahman's face as the state President source says. It’s not unknown that in the last state election to convince the Brahmin voters, BJP had to try all its arsenal and then could convince. Source says to avoid this in 2024 elections party is looking for Brahmin face to counter the that party is neglecting the community. Shrikant Sharma, Satish Gautam and Dr Laxmi Kant Vajpayee are the best main contenders but going by the wind it looks that Mr Shri Kant Sharma is running ahead among the three. Source says that party leaders are searching for a new president and soon someone will take charge.


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