• Monday, 08 August, 2022 11:33:AM

     The president of the oldest party somewhat became speechless when Mrs Smriti Irani tried to drag her into verbal debate source says. She has seen helpless and worried women but no one of her party members came to her rescue though at that time eight members were present source says. First Martials came to her rescue and then Mrs Supriya Sule of NCP source says. After the incident, K C Venugopal, a close confidant of the party and president examined the footage source said five members from Kerala could not satisfy Venugopal with their non-response, and similarly two from Punjab were also not able to clear their role only one from Bengal said that due to his old age he could not respond immediately source says. If these seven had responded the situation could have been different but inactiveness seems to become the tagged word of the party source says?


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