• Monday, 19 September, 2022 11:47:AM

    Member of Parliament from Odisha joined the BJP after resigning from IAS on 15th September 2018. She belongs to Bihar and was of the 1994 batch of Odisha cadre. She resigned from service to join politics with the ambition to go to the top source says. She was introduced to the BJP by Dharmendra Pradhan. Her only ambition is to become CM of Odisha and try to be projected as CM face in the coming assembly elections source says. During the last visit of Amit Shah, the entire Bhuvaneswar was loaded with posters and banners on almost all routes source says. The party workers noticed that her photo was prominently placed on the poster whereas photographs of Pradhan and other leaders could not get sufficient space source says. Later she realized that her scope in the BJP is limited due to the presence of other senior leaders source says she contacted the AAP leaders with a plan that if she is presented as CM face from the AAP she is ready to join. AAP leaders probably said that their focus is on Himachal Pradesh and Gujrat, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan elections and the party will contact her at the time of the Odisha elections source says.


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