• Monday, 19 September, 2022 11:47:AM

    Bharat Jodo Yatra of Congress party lead by Rahul Gandhi is getting very good response source says. The Congress party has meticulously planned the route of Yatra keeping in view the popularity of the party source says. In Kerala, the Yatra will remain for 19 days, in Karnataka for 21 days and in Telangana for 13 days source says. The Yatra will pass through the states where supporting parties are running the government but stay is minimal, in Tamilnadu Yatra remained for 3 days only. Out of 148 days yatra Rahul Gandhi will remain 53 days whereas in UP only 5 days, Rajasthan is due for elections 21 days and in MP 16 days source says. Delhi will be completed in 2 days, Punjab 11 days, and Haryana 12 days only. The strategy is to at least double the seats from the 2019 elections. Congress lost with very less margins on 29 seats and there were 57 seats where the margins were less than 1 lakh source says. Congress party wants to focus on these 86 seats first and also to generate feelings of belonging by voters towards party source says. So far the responses are encouraging and likely to achieve the targets the source says.


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