• Monday, 14 November, 2022 01:12:PM

     Probably no leader other than Gadkari will have the courage to praise the Congress PM for his work source says. He was Speaking at the impressive function of TIOL attended by almost all important entrepreneurs of the country, he praised Manmohan Singh and said that under his leadership as Finance Minister in 1991 the liberal economic policy started which has helped all downtrodden, Kissan and poor to eat the benefits of liberalisation. The effect of the policy has now brought the country into almost the first five bracket countries of the world source says. He was on election duty on 8th November in Himachal Pradesh but dashed to Delhi to present the most coveted award “TIOL FISCAL HERITAGE “ source says. Gadkari said that he is planning direct involvement of commuters to finance the national highway and the contributors will get a monthly return with the interest of 8% per annum source says. 


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