• Monday, 14 November, 2022 01:12:PM

     Mohan Gupta, an RJD candidate lost the Gopalganj seat by a very narrow margin. Political observers say that defeat is due to AIAM and BSP candidates. Mrs Indra Yadav, wife of Sadhu Yadav contested on the BSP ticket and secured almost 9,000 votes due to the influence of Sadhu Yadav source says. Sadhu Yadav was responsible for the Gopalganj seat in the era of Lalu Yadav and still maintains good relations with the voters in the constituency source says. RJD lost control over the M - Y combination due to the presence of the wife of Sadhu Yadav and ultimately lost the election source says. Mohan Gupta, the candidate is not carrying a good image, and seems  Nitish Kumar avoided campaigning also source says.


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