• Monday, 21 November, 2022 11:23:AM

      Last week the month-long most ambitious program of BJP to exchange cultural values of north and south started with great fanfare source says. BHU in collaboration with IIT, Chennai has planned this mega exchange program for exposure to the Tamil people to the culture of Kashi in which in addition to Cruz's visit of delegates, seminars, shows and local tours of important places of Varanasi also planned source says. Probably this move is planned by BJP to make inroads in the state source says. Approximately 2500 delegates from different places of Tamilnadu with separate backgrounds will be visiting to get exposure and visit Prayagraj and other important nearby places source says. PM will most likely grace the program someday in between. But confirmation from the CM of Tamilnadu to visit Kashi has not been received yet by the organizer source says. 


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