• Monday, 21 November, 2022 11:23:AM

     Azad left Congress with some reservations about the party's working and accused Rahul Gandhi of all the mess and even said that due to his non-decisive attitude the security staff attached started taking important decisions the party source says. He also floated one political party but seems he has felt the necessity to have his old party support him in his future endeavors source says. Recently in a rally at Jammu, Azad praised Congress and said that this party can only challenge BJP and that the policy of the party is to unite the people of all sects and beliefs and not to create rifts source says. He further added that he wishes that Congress come out with flying colors in the elections of two states source says. Source says with the changed approach towards Congress, days are not far away to coming back to his old party, he served for more than four decades.


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