• Monday, 23 January, 2023 12:59:PM

    In the national executive committee meeting PM praised the model adopted in Gujarat and the way elections were handled source says. This has given shivers to the state leaders of these three leaders because before the elections CM along with all the cabinet was replaced and almost 30% of state MLAs were not given tickets to contest elections source says. BJP is facing inner discord and anti-incumbency in Karnataka and MP states, party cadres are not very sure about their victory if going to elections without taking any drastic steps against the most aggressive campaign by the opposition parties source says. In Rajasthan, though BJP is working hard and the ruling party is also divided into groups government is working hard but the contest is very tuff this time source says. BJP leaders are projecting the work of Telangana also to highlight the good work done by the party in the state and also to introduce similar actions in respective states going for elections source says. Senior leaders of the party are gone hard on the state leaders and said to go to all constituencies and bring all good work done by the party in states and country to the knowledge of people source says. State leaders are a little shaken from the inner side by losing tickets source says.


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