• Monday, 23 January, 2023 12:59:PM

    Recently one Vishwa Nath Chaturvedi applied to the CBI court that no closure report in the case of inappropriate assets has been filed by CBI to date source says. In 2009 some media houses announced that CBI has filed the closure report and the case has been closed source says. In this connection, CBI has already approached Deepak Chaurasia and Rajdeep Sardesaai to know from where they got the information on the closure, top source says. Both the media personality probably said that information was received from a cover source says. Further investigation is likely to reveal the source from where the information was given wrongly. Court has fixed 24 March for submission of the supplementary report thus it’s clear that the case has come open to create further problems for the chief of the Samajwadi party source says.


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