• Monday, 23 January, 2023 01:00:PM

     R.N Ravi, Tamil Nadu Governor and former Nagaland Governor had an almost  Tamil Nadu like tight scenario during his tenure in Nagaland. Top sources say that Ravi could not manage workable relations with the coalition government, where BJP is also a partner source says. The NDPP is the supporting party in North East Democratic Alliance. The CM of Nagaland once stamped the ex-Governor as an Interferer in the smooth working of the state source says. Almost two years passed in such convulsions and ultimately central government had to remove the Governor but instead show him the door adjusted in Tamilnadu source says. It is rumoured in the corridors that with close relations with the Security Advisor, the ex-IB officer managed the new posting source says. Again reports are coming out of a similar interface in the administrative work of the Tamilnadu government source says. The interferences are responsible for delays in many popular and friendly schemes for the poor source says.  


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