• Monday, 06 March, 2023 12:24:PM

    Recently the Lokayukta of Karnataka got hold of the son of ex-BJP MLA and KSDL chief with 40 lakh cash and later 6 crores were recovered from the house search source says. This has given chance to opposition leaders to attack the present government with the title government of forty percent source says. Knowledgeable says the arrest and recovery are only due to the increasing rift between Bommai and Yediyurappa in state politics. Bommai is no more yes man of Yediyurappa source says. Despite all rifts and infighting central leadership is not ready to say anything to Yediyurappa. In the recent visit of PM, which was the fifth this year Yediyurappa was seen with him during the inauguration of the airport at Shivganga and later during a rally source says. The PM also praised the 80 years old Lingayat leader who still maintains good control over Lingayats source says. Out of 224 seats Lingayats can influence at least 100 seats. Yediyurappa also has good control over nearly 500 maths of Lingayats and 17% of Lingayats are crucial to win the election and form the government source says. PM not only praised the services rendered by Yediyurappa to the country but also gave best wishes for good health in the coming days' a source says. The dependence on Yediyurappa probably to get the majority in the coming state elections and also keeping in view the 2024 parliamentary elections source says.


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