• Monday, 13 March, 2023 12:47:PM

     BJP is trying hard to manage Karnataka state to put up a considerable fight against Congress and JD (S) source says. The one-time blue-eyed boy of Yediyurappa and minister in the government Janardan Reddy, a mining tycoon resigned from the BJP and formed his party Kalyan Rajya Pragati Paksh on 25th December 2022. He has also planned that all the strong and popular leaders of Congress and BJP now resigned from their respective parties to give the ticket and also extend financial support up to 5 crores source says. BJP is worried because Reddy has got influence on at least 14 assembly seats and his going against a party will damage the party prospects source says. Reddy still says that he was a party loyalist but infighting between B L Santosh and Yediyurappa has damaged his political career source says. Reddy came to light when Sonia Gandhi was challenged by Sushma Swaraj in the Bellary elections source says. He supported Sushma ji source says. 


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