• Monday, 13 March, 2023 12:47:PM

    Congress lost Tripura state again despite its alliance with the left parties. The % of votes polled in Tripura says another story source says. The alliance between Congress, Left parties and Tiara Motha would have defeated the BJP source says. This combination would have added 18 more seats bringing to 32 seats in the assembly source says. Congress, if tried would have its ex-state president back in the alliance or the party but Congress source says was not ready to part with the Left parties source says. Pradyot Dev Burman was not ready to go with Left parties and wanted TMC instead in the alliance but the Congress leader source says not ready to take Mamta Didi in the alliance due to differences sources say. The strategy of the party if drawn with broader prospects these small thing does not matter keeping in view the goal of forming government in the state source. Topara fought elections separately and later joined hands in formation source says.


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