• Monday, 27 March, 2023 02:04:PM

     BJP is on the lookout for a new face as CM in Chattisgarh source says. This got prominence only after the announcement of ex-CM Raman Singh that due to his poor health, he will not be the face of the next elections. The party will fight elections on the face of the PM source says. Raman Singh further added that only after elections newly elected party legislators will decide the face of CM source says. Name of Sao and Aggarwal is taking round for the CM position source says. One bureaucrat supported by a top party leader is also in the fray but no one is sure of their name till the final results are declared source says. During the selection of the opposition leader, Aggarwal was on top but with the blessings of the senior national leader Sao got the position and similar things are likely to happen in the event of the party getting sufficient seats to form the next government source says.


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