• Monday, 27 March, 2023 02:04:PM

    Congress leaders are now engaged in telling chronological details of the case source says. The case was filed by Purnesh Modi in the CGM court of Surat on 16th April 2019 based on one speech given by Rahul Gandhi in Kolar, Karnataka in 2019 source says. Rahul Gandhi also appeared in the court to record his statement in January 2021 source says. In the court, Purnesh appealed that all three caskets be played in the courtroom to remind Rahul Gandhi about his speech but the court rejected the request source says. Purnesh then approached Gujrat high court with a request for the personal appearance of Rahul Gandhi to testify his speech source says. He further submitted that the trial court is not having sufficient records to move the case further source says. Prayer was also made that till his appearance, court to stay further hearings source says. The court granted the stay. After one year Purnesh again approached the High court with a request to issue direction to the trial court to reopen the case as sufficient records are now available source says. This request was filed only after the transfer of Judge Dave as the session judge source says. On 16th February 2023 new Hon’ble judge Harish Verma started hearing and on 22nd 2023 judgement was passed by the Hon’ble court source says.


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