• Monday, 27 March, 2023 02:04:PM

    Opposition parties are trying to forge unity to challenge the ruling party source says. The old allies are becoming foes and new combinations are now visible on the floor of the house source says. The TMC party was always seen with the Congress party in all protests in the past source says. But the defeat of its candidate in a by-election probably changed the mind and approach of the TMC leader source says. The TMC has not participated in any recent protest of opposition parties where the Congress party was present source says. The AAP is now always seen with the Congress leaders even though in Sisodia's case Congress has not supported the cause source says. The AAP leadership has criticized the action taken in haste on the Congress leader after the judgment by the Gujarat court. Likewise after summoning K Kavita by ED, seems changed the approach and mind of the CM of Telangana who came out in the open to support the cause of the Congress party for opposition unity source says. 


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