• Monday, 08 May, 2023 08:16:PM

    BJP wanted to create differences between Muslims and Vokkalingas by propagating that two Vokkalingas were responsible for the killing of Tipu Sultan source says. This was refuted by none other than the head of Adichunchangiri Matha by saying that there are a lot of differences between history and stage dialogue source says. He further said that Tipu Sultan was eliminated by British forces source says. The strategy of the BJP to make inroads in the stronghold of JD(S) and bring them into their folds has probably misfired source says. Adichunchangiri Matha and Gorakhnath Math belong to Nath Sampraday and BJP also roped in the UP Chief minister for campaigning to woo Vokkalingas but a statement of the chief of Adichunchanagiri Matha negating theory propagated by BJP affected the interest of party further source says.


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