• Monday, 15 May, 2023 10:27:AM

    The results of Karnataka are almost the same as was predicted by observers from the beginning source says. Congress has done fairly well in Kalyan Karnataka, Kittur and south Karnataka source says. BJP got maximum in coastal Karnataka and Bengaluru. Congress also managed to make inroads in the bastion of JD(S). BJP failed to deliver on developmental programs and leaders even the topmost got themselves involved in one of the manifesto points of Congress source says. A committee was constituted to prepare a draft manifesto source says. After many meetings and discussions with representatives, it was decided to include a ban on some extremist groups but at last time the name of Bajrang Dal and PFI was included by the chairman of the committee source says. BJP leaders to polarise the religious issues started speaking on Bajrang Bali instead of Bajrang Dal ban to create confusion in the minds of voters that Congress is including a ban on Bajrang Bali source says. Probably leaders could not understand the strategy of Congress and derailed the party from discussions on other points source says. 


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