• Monday, 15 May, 2023 10:27:AM

    Karnataka results are out, the congress party despite tall claims and all efforts to retain power BJP had to satisfy themselves with 66 seats source says. With all polarisation and raking up religious issues, the state voters prefer to go with developmental programs rather than be swept away with non-issues raked up only for political gains source says. The Congress party is also not in a very comfortable situation source says. Two visible senior leaders of the party likely to claim for top-notch source says. D Shivakumar, state president has done remarkable work by keeping all flanks together and meticulous planning to utilize the leaders for campaigning aggressively throughout the state source says. The mass leader and ex-CM of the state, Siddaramaiah has also done his best to propagate the policies of the party and worked in close coordination with the party leaders source says. Siddaramaiah is a well-mannered and acceptable leader, his tuning with other leaders is very good and based on all the good works done by his team likely to claim the CM chair source says. If the question to give a reward for untiring work comes D Shivakumar is ahead but all central agencies are behind him source says. He has been summoned by agencies many times and the party is likely to take this in view while selecting the leader of the legislative party source says. By chance, when in the chair, the agencies arrest or take him on remand, an embracing situation will emerge and the party will not take a chance considering the present mindset of the ruling party at the centre and agencies source says. 


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