• Monday, 22 May, 2023 01:00:PM

    It was expected that government will ban or withdraw currency of 2000 denominations from circulation source says. But just after the humiliating defeat in Karnataka, the withdrawal has given many suspicions source says. The exchanges are allowed up to 30th September and just after two or three months five states are to go for elections source says. Non-BJP parties rule in 4 states out of 5 states source says. Withdrawal will likely affect the financial management of the political parties source says. This is almost a repeat of the 2018 note bandi situation and political parties will have to face a financial crunch in campaigning source says. It was said that the note ban and the introduction of 2000 denomination currency will curb wrongful practices and put a heavy hand on black money source says. Now RBI said this currency is adding in generating black money source says. The two opinion on one case clearly shows that decisions are not taken after careful thought which has put the exchequer to the loss of many crores spent on generating facilities of printing this currency and again new system is likely to be developed for new denominations if introduced later source says. 


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