• Monday, 22 May, 2023 01:00:PM

    What is written in fate no one knows. Probably with a hint from the almighty, the circumstances developed and Rahul Gandhi had to vacate his house after 19 years source says. No one ever imagined that a defamation case will cost a parliament seat and allotted house to Rahul Gandhi source says. He had to shift to his mother's house at 10 Janpath source says. Just after that thumping victory in Karnataka and people started giving weightage to his words source says. Before shifting he lost from Amethi, Congress lost almost all elections fought under his leadership and opposite parties started saying to make the country Congressmukt source says. The only change of house has brought party and leader into mainstream sources says. One vastu astrologer after taking a round of 12 Tuglak Lane house said that the house was inauspicious and now stars of Rahul Gandhi will favour him source says. He further said that in the coming five state elections, Congress will do better and till 2032 stars are in favour of Rahul Gandhi source says.


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