• Monday, 22 May, 2023 01:31:PM

      Kiren Rijiju, a high-profile cabinet Law minister, and young dynamic leader from the northeast has been shifted silently to a very low-profile Earth Science ministry source says. Probably to justify the move the state minister in the Law ministry has also been shifted to the health ministry source says. Rijiju was fortunate enough to get a chance to present a political resolution considered to be given only to senior leaders or a very confident of party leader source says. the public is surprised because he was very vocal in putting critical comments on the judiciary and the method of selection of judges in courts source says. Such hard-hitting comments on the top judiciary are not possible for anyone if not have the blessings of the top leader source says. Kiren Rijiju's shifting is related to some actions taken during his last responsibility as state minister of Youth and Sports and linked to the present agitation of wrestlers as per rumours taking around source says.


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