• Monday, 11 September, 2023 12:33:PM

    I.N.D.I.A. is working to place alternatives to the people of the country during the 2024 parliamentary elections source says. Almost all political parties are trying on their own to establish themselves in the political scenario of the country source says. In this context, it is seen that in the party headquarters of JD(U), the wall of the office is full of the slogan ‘ DESH KA NETA KAISA HO - NITISH KUMAR JAISA HO’. This shows that JD (U) is trying to project the CM of Bihar as the national leader in the coming days source says. JD(U) has called a meeting of district presidents and block presidents on 11th and 12th September respectively to have first-hand feedback from these ground leaders source says. In 2019, in the parliamentary elections as an alliance of NDA, JD(U) bagged 16 seats, another partner of NDA bagged 6 seats and BJP bagged 17 seats, out of 40 seats source says. JD(U) is trying its best to prepare their ground for the parliamentary elections in 2024 source says.


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