• Monday, 11 September, 2023 12:33:PM

     Some opposition political parties are banking on caste census to bring OBC in their favour source says. BJP is moving one step ahead and to counter the demand, is likely to present the Rohini Commission report, recently submitted to the President after 14 extensions source says. The one thousand-page report has dealt in detail on OBC reservations covering more than 2600 updated OBC categories source says. The commission has bifurcated the OBC categories into four main subcategories source says. 10% reservation has been proposed for the first category which has not benefitted from the reservation policies so far, the second category, which got very little benefit and the Commission also recommended 10% reservation and the sub caste already enjoyed benefits of reservation have been recommended for only 7% reservation source says. The Rohini Commission was constituted on 2nd October 2017. This has given armour in the hand of the central government to counter the demand of caste census source says. In the central government list, almost 3000 castes are included, which almost comprises 40% of the total population source says. I.N.D.I.A. and NDA both the alliance are both working to woo these 40% in their favour to win the coming parliamentary elections source says.BJP has already won the favour of affluent OBC like Yadav, Maurya, Kurmi, Gurjer and Lodh etc. which is clear from 44% of votes cast in favour of BJP in 2019 in comparison to 34% of 2014 source says. Rohini Commission has prepared the report based on successful persons of the OBC categories from central universities, IIMs, IITs and central government, the sources say. Central government is likely to submit the report to the parliament for discussions and further implementation source says.


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