• Monday, 11 September, 2023 12:33:PM

    Uttar Pradesh CM has been trying to audience with PMO for a long to present details of Rama Janmbhumi mandir source says. Citing reasons for preoccupation, his requests were always kept pending, source says. All of a sudden, before the start of the G20 meeting, a message was received from the highest office confirming the meeting source says. Yogi referred back for a grant of sufficient time to make presentations in detail on Ram Janmbhumi Mandir source says. He, along with cabinet colleagues looking after Power and Urban Development, went to Delhi and took almost two hours in presentation on Ram Janmbhumi Mandir source says. After observant listening and clarifications, a one-to-one meeting also took place source says. Earlier, most confidant officers used to interact instead of the top authority or report was summoned source says. In the Ghosi by-election 18 cabinet ministers, two deputy chief ministers and a bunch of senior leaders, along with cadre people, were deployed to ensure the victory of Dara Singh Chauhan. AK Sharma, the loyalist, was the charge of the election but could not manage to defeat the SP candidate source says. Seems Yogi could not forget the insult by Dara Singh when he was in SP, source says.


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