• Tuesday, 19 September, 2023 11:02:AM

    It’s an open secret that India and Canada have different views on the Khalistan movement and the Indian government has on several occasions shown anguish over the lacklustre approach of the Canadian government in curbing the movement source says. Probably Justin Trudeau, the PM, Canada was the only world leader not given a welcome note by the host country a source says. Canadian PM skipped the dinner hosted by the President of the country source says. He also not met the host PM on the side of the G20 for a bilateral talk between the two countries source says. Throughout the stay the PM of Canada was seen as lost or in anger must be due to the pressure from back to his country by Khalistan supporters source says. Unfortunately, his plane developed some technical problems and he had to stay back for more than 36 hours but he kept himself confined to the hotel and refused to start the journey on a plane provided by the host country source says. He started back journey only after getting another plane from his government sources say. The opposition leaders back in his country have criticised his behaviour during the meeting source says.


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