• Tuesday, 19 September, 2023 11:02:AM

    The sitting MLA Dara Singh Chauhan lost the by-election from the Ghosi constituency source says. Sandeep Singh of the Samajwadi Party defeated him by 42,000 votes source says. The by-election was necessitated due to the resignation of Dara Singh from SP and joining BJP source says. He resigned on moral grounds after the change of party source says. The entire UP ministry, including the CM, campaigned for the candidate but seems a change of heart of Dalit voters has given the danger signal to the BJP, source says. The result was delayed for hours, probably on direction from top authorities to try to change the results, but despite all manoeuvres, it could not happen source says. Then it was probably directed to minimise the victory lead as far as possible source says. The local authorities could manage to reduce the margin from 60,000 votes to 42,000 source says. This difference is substantial for a MLA seat source says. After the formation of I.N.D.I.A., it seems the voters got the alternative and, perturbed by the pressing problems, tried to show their anguish by defeating the BJP candidate source says.


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