• Tuesday, 19 September, 2023 11:02:AM

    The political situation in the country is fluid. All political parties are trying their best to come out as winners not only in the five state elections but also in the 2024 parliamentary elections source says. UP has 80 parliamentary seats and as said the road for central government passes through UP only. All parties are trying to woo 55% Dalit votes of the state. Till 1999, the Dalits were staunch supporters of the Congress party but the presence of the Late Kansi Ram changed the entire scenario and Dalits turned towards BSP, this has resulted in continuous defeat of Congress in the state in almost all elections source says. First Late Kansi Ram and later Mayawati became the only representative of Dalits in the state. The emergence of the BJP again changed the scenario and except for Jatav all others differed in favour of the BJP source says. The inblock voting by Dalits excluding Jatav had given thumping victory to the BJP in the last elections source says. Mayawati is still having confidence that all Jatav voters, comprising almost 21% will support her BSP source says. The Dalits are probably a little confused about the almost nil political activities of Mayawati and now trying to find some political party to take care of them source says. In the last state elections, Jatav favoured the Samajwadi party and BSP for parliamentary seats and the results are per the voting pattern source says. In the Ghosi, by-election the pattern indicates that Dalit voters have gone in mass for the Samajwadi party candidate source says. The Dalit feels that no one in the ruling party has come forward to tackle or support them in their misery due to inflation, unemployment, problems of Kissan and reservation and now looking towards the newly formed I.N.D.I.A. alliance for support source says. The support is visible in the results of the Ghosi by-election a source says. In the by-election, Mayawati remained silent but in coming parliamentary elections, if she supports the I.N.D.I.A. the results will be different otherwise again the Jatav votes will go to BJP at least the source says. To consolidate the Dalit votes in favour of the party Congress president, a Dalit himself is likely to contest from Bijnor or Saharanpur and the alliance is also trying to field Nitish Kumar from Mirzapur or Phulpur to take advantage of Kurmi votes and Priyanka Gandhi from Allahabad or Varanasi and most likely Rahul Gandhi from Amethi source says. This challenge to the ruling party is on the presumption that Kharge and Nitish Kumar will be able to make a dent in Dalit votes and OBC respectively source says.


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