• Tuesday, 19 September, 2023 11:02:AM

    After three successful meetings and coordination committee meetings, the leaders of the I.N.D.I.an alliance are very hopeful of consolidating 62% votes in their favour source says. The first litmus test of the partnership at Ghosi came out with flying colours in favour of the alliance, a source says. Kharge is to contest from any Dalit-dominated seat in addition to one Karnataka seat to help all other leaders have physiological support source says. Alliance leaders are also trying to convince Nitish Kumar, the CM of Bihar, to contest from one of the Kurmi dominant constituencies in UP source says. Kurmi’s are the second most influential community in O.B.C. in the state, source says. If Nitish Kumar agrees, it will benefit the I.N.D.I.A. alliance to a large extent in the consolidation of O.B.C. votes for the alliance source says. J.D. (U) leaders are open to demanding the PM position for their leader after parliamentary elections source says.


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