• Tuesday, 19 September, 2023 11:02:AM

    Telangana has sizeable Muslim votes. AIMIM, led by Owaisi concentrate only in the Hyderabad area source says. To woo the Muslim voters outside Hyderabad, the Congress and BRS, are trying their best source says. The daughter of Chandrasekhar Rao, chief of BRS is trying her best to explain all the welfare schemes initiated by the party and her father's source says. She also warns the voters not to be pleased by the good words and false schemes to be promised by the Congress leaders and sometimes go in the history a source says. On the other hand Congress party has organised the first reconstitute CWC meeting at Hyderabad to show the strength of I.N.D.I.A. an alliance and of the Congress party. Congress Party has also framed strategies in the CWC meeting for the forthcoming five state elections but also for the coming parliamentary elections of 2024 source says. The results of the state election of Telangana are most likely to go in favour of the party having the support of Muslims of the state source says.


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