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    It’s very difficult to read the mind of the CM of Bihar. His opponents always criticise him but appreciate him for his political vision and timing source says. Taking over the presidentship of JD (U) is one among many steps a source says. The political observers feel that on the 22nd he will come out with something which will mar the highlights of the Ayodhya a source says. The deputy chief minister, Tejaswi Yadav is now impatient for the expansion of the ministry and wants it to be done immediately but this time also when he asked the CM, very casually he replied that ‘would see after Kharmas’ source says. The delay in expansion and reply of Nitish Kumar was brought to the knowledge of Lalu Yadav, who immediately took up with the leaders of I.N.D.I.A. to make Nitish Kumar 'Sanyojak’ source says. This was to see his son as CM because after becoming Sanyojak, Nitish Kumar will have very little time to oversee the state administration, a source says. In this case, Lallan Singh will also have a chance to become deputy chief minister of Bihar source says. But Nitish Kumar is not very sure about the loyalty of Lallan Singh due to his proximity to Lalu Yadav and constant in touch with fifteen MLAs and six MPs of the party source says. It is also an open secret that eight MLAs of Congress are also in touch with Ashok Chaudhary source says. RJD and BJP know that if the election of assembly and parliament is held together the ultimate beneficiary will be JD (U) source says. JD (U) wants to contest at least 125 assembly seats to have their say in forming the next government a source says. BJP state leadership feels that the party is likely to do better in the number of seats as well as vote percentage if contests elections alone source says.


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