• Monday, 08 January, 2024 09:25:PM

    The sudden change in the top has surprised many leaders of Mahagathbandhan source says. They are still confused about the purpose, some say it is to make a smooth road to joining NDA because Lallan Singh was the lone figure to oppose the move of joining NDA, and some opined that the move is to put pressure on leaders of I.N.D.I.A and one section feel that the entire exercise was to draw nations attention towards him source says. But taking over as president of the party will surely give Nitish Kumar weightage in the alliance and his claim to lead will also strengthen a source says. Lallan Singh is not a leader of equal stature and definitely would not have enjoyed the status of equality source says. In the national executive meeting of JD(U), in the political proposal, it was said that Nitish Kumar is the leader of the downtrodden, Dalits, OBC and backwards and lakhs of youth, Kissan and the general public have high hope that he will fulfil the aspirations and ambition source says. JD(U) also says that Nitish Kumar is the architect of unity and that bigger parties must get due importance in the alliance, indirectly commenting on the parties not having sufficient strength in the present parliament but trying to impose their ideas source says a. It seems that Nitish Kumar was uncomfortable with the treatments given to him in the alliance and decided to come on the road to take direct actions source says. K C Tyagi, after the meeting, said that the JD(U) has decided for a nationwide movement to start from mid-January to put pressure to start a caste-based census source says. The movement will start from Jharkhand and at the same time, the Congress Nyay Yatra to start source says. The national executive also decided to contest elections outside Bihar also source says. Some quarter says that JD (U) leadership is afraid of RJD and BJP to lure their leaders, and in this case, Nitish Kumar will be in a better position to counter the move source says.


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