• Monday, 15 January, 2024 02:55:PM

    The BJP has made it clear to members of Rajya Sabha that after two terms, they all will have to contest Lok Sabha; similarly, the three-term Lok Sabha MPs will have to make room for new entrants, a source says. Jaishankar, Sitharaman, and Ashwani are searching for suitable seats source says. Piyush Goyal is to try his luck from Mumbai, the party is planning to see a contest between two daughters of Late Munde source says. Maharashtra CM, after surviving dictates from Speaker, is probably his best bet to BJP to contest on their tickets, source says. Ajit Pawar has been asked to field his wife against sister Supriya Sule in the Lok Sabha source says. Though Ajit Pawar has not accepted the proposal so far to continue as deputy CM he will have to fall in line source says.


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