• Monday, 15 January, 2024 02:55:PM

    The resentment amongst the Adivasi has resulted in loss of government in MP and Chattisgarh by Congress party source says. The cutting of trees in the Sarguja area under Hansdev Arany is in full force, and to oppose this, the Adivasis are agitating, a source says. The coming Lok Sabha elections are approaching fast and the BJP will not allow for continuing the Adivasi agitation by Adiwasi source says. This project was sanctioned by Raman Singh in 2012, and during his tenure, more than 1.5 lakh trees were allowed to be cut, source says. This project spread in 1898. Hectares is of coal mining, and the richest person is the project's owner, a source says. The felling of trees is to provide clear space for mining source says. After Raman Singh’s government, the cutting was stopped, but only in 2022 after a meeting between Ashok Gahlot, the then CM of Rajasthan and the then CM Baghel, the cutting was allowed, source says. The project is of the Rajasthan government, but Adani company is appointed as executor, a source says. The Adivasis have been in protest since 2012 and want to see the project scrapped, and their annoyance resulted in losing almost all seats, Baghel’s party source says. If tree cutting continues, the results in Lok Sabha will be affected source says.


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