• Monday, 15 January, 2024 02:55:PM

    The media unit of the Congress party is not the same as it was earlier source says. Immediate response on X or other social media, Congress is leading and other parties are almost following the responses source says. This trend is being led by Pawan Khera and his team source says. On TV debates or PC everywhere, his presence and witty comments are very popular, source says. He has been working for many years but always behind the curtain, but now, from the front, a source says. Congress party is likely to award him with a Rajya Sabha seat soon source says. The ex-PM, Manmohan Singh, will be completing his tenure, source says. Dharmendra Yadav will also be completing tenure. Both are representing Rajasthan. Dharmendra Pradhan will also complete in April 2024. He is representing Madhya Pradesh. Four members from Karnataka are retiring, along with three from Telangana soon. Congress will continue with one seat each from Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh but will get two additional seats from Telangana source says. It’s almost sure that Pawan Khera, who was brought back for questioning from the airplane for his comments, will be adjusted in any one of these seats, the source says.


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