• Monday, 15 January, 2024 02:55:PM

     Nitish Kumar, CM for ten years and leader of stature, confidently announced figures of the caste census of his state source says. But this Samajwadi leader did not hesitate to join the hand of the BJP to form a coalition government in Bihar twice in the past. source says. The opposition leaders feel that at any point if he goes back to the BJP, the entire hard work to unite the opposition parties will become use less source says. Though not in the open but secretly, this question hounds the mind of opposition leaders, a source says. The public, in general, is also a little doubtful of his behaviour, a source says. This is likely the reason for not announcing his name as coordinator or PM face of the I.N.D.I.A. source says. Nitish Kumar is Kurmi by caste and his caste has got numbers power in at least four states to defeat the BJP source says. He is also a charismatic leader with very strong public appeal and a well-known face in the Hindi belt source says. The president of the Congress party, Khadge, belongs to the SC community, and SC has 84 reserved seats in the Hindi belt, source says. His candidature as PM face or as Coordinator will give him a chance to Schedule cast and others backwards to unite behind him and support the party or alliance represented by him source says. The only drawback is his advanced age, though he is working round the clock for unity and strengthening the party cadre in the states, source says. He is now 81 years old and not possible for him to go around campaigning continuously for long stretches source says. Kharge is considered a very mature and easy person to go with everybody source says. He is very popular in the southern belt and a recognised face in politics for more than fifty years, but in the northern states, he has little penetration, the source says. Unitedly, both faces can challenge the present ruling party source says. To counter some of these problems to increase the public reach and make themselves recognised throughout the country, concerted efforts are required by all constituents of the alliance, a source says. To counter these drawbacks, the united I.N.D.I.A alliance is a very important source says. SP, CPI, RJD and many others are supporting Nitish Kumar but these parties are also not opposed to the candidature of Kharge as the face to lead the alliance source says. In the days to come picture will be clear source says.


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