• Monday, 12 February, 2024 11:58:PM

    The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, son of ex-Chief Minister of undivided Andhra Pradesh, Y S R Reddy, throughout the present Lok Sabha supported the BJP-led NDA government source says. The other party of Andhra Pradesh, TDP, led by Naidu, is trying to dethrone the YSR Congress in the state, source says. TDP always opposed the BJP during the current session of Lok Sabha source says. At one time, it came out from NDA due to political differences with the BJP, sources say. TDP leader Naidu was sent to jail by the YSR Congress government and is now on bail source says. As per reports, TDP and BJP have come close and probably formed an alliance for the coming Parliamentary Elections, the source says. This has annoyed Jagan Reddy, and he is looking towards Congress for the Lok Sabha elections, a source says. It was not noticed but the appointment of his sister as state congress president and the participation of the CM of AP in a family function at Hyderabad gives a clear hint that the relationship between brother and sister is not as bad as projected in media a source says. It seems that Jagan Reddy first sent his sister to Telangana to understand the ground realities about YSRCongress and, after not being found very supportive, got her back in Andhra Pradesh, a source says. The government of AP led by Jagan Reddy is also completing its tenure and likely to go for assembly elections source says. There is every possibility that Jagan Reddy to support the I.N.D.I.A. alliance in the Lok Sabha elections source says.



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