• Monday, 12 February, 2024 11:58:PM

    One very senior and close journalist recently met Sonia Gandhi and, during a conversation, asked about the number of expected seats in light of the recent outburst of the CM of West Bengal source says. The seasoned senior leader of the Congress party replied very confidently and firmly that she let others feel or guess the numbers, and she did not bother about numbers given by others, but Rahul is very confident of winning 140-150 seats this time, a source says. In further discussions, she confessed that the party wanted all senior party leaders numbering around 60 to contest, but 90% of them refused, citing some other reasons, a source says. Sonia Gandhi says that all young leaders on whom Rahul vouched have already left the party, and a new team is to be developed to contest, the source says. She added that BJP is again targeting Sachin Pilot, and only time will tell how the young leaders will do in the elections, the source says.


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