• Tuesday, 26 March, 2024 06:43:PM

    Rajeev Kumar, DG of West Bengal, has been asked to move out from the state during parliamentary elections, a source says. It seems that the Election Commission has some serious grudges against this senior Police officer source says. In 2016, when he was Police Commissioner of Kolkata, the Election Commission ordered him to go out from the state. Similarly, during the 2019 parliamentary elections, when he was ADG of CID, he was again ordered to go out, source says. The only known serious problem is that he is very close to the present CM of West Bengal source says. She sat on dharna for three days when CBI raided the residence of this officer source says. The recent charge is the unrest at Sandeskhali against one TMC activist source says. Rajeev Kumar is trying hard to get some suitable postings a source says. He has always remained very close to the political leaders in position source says. During the CPM government, he was close to Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee source says.


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