• Tuesday, 26 March, 2024 06:44:PM

    The duo BJP adopts a very practical approach, especially for elections, a source says. In just concluded state elections of Karnataka, the ex-CM and very strong leader of Lingayats, BS Yediyurappa, was sidelined, and B L Santosh, the Brahmin of Karnataka and party in-charge, was given full charge to manage the state elections, a source says. Perhaps due to old enmity, Santosh utilised the opportunity to sideline him, but unfortunately, the party was badly defeated, source says. It's said that this happened due to the stepping back of Yediyurappa, and his community source says. The duo realised the reason for the defeat and immediately corrected it by appointing the son of Yediyurappa as the state party head source says. The senior Yediyurappa has been given a free hand to choose winning candidates for coming parliamentary elections source says. Santosh is now in the back seat, source says.


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