• Tuesday, 02 April, 2024 11:24:PM

    The argument placed before the court and the way facts are presented is appreciated the source says. Kejriwal and Manu maintain very cordial relations and due to this only and keeping his utility in mind Kejriwal wanted to send him to Rajya Sabha from Delhi source says. The pressure from family and close association with Sanjay Singh perhaps forced him to nominate a second time instead Manu Singhvi's source says. The CM of Punjab also diplomatically turned down the proposal to send Manu Singhvi to Rajya Sabha by saying that all except one are locals and if Manu Singhvi is to be entertained, that could be a replacement for the spider candidate source says. Raghav Chaddha and Mann are not maintaining good rapport and Kejriwal was aware that this would fulfil the desire of the CM not to send him to Rajya Sabha from Punjab source says. The support of Congress also has not succeeded in Himachal Pradesh and one can say that this is all fate source says.


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