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    The Congress party is not leaving any stone unturned. Hectic campaigning by senior party leaders in Congress party bastions clearly shows the combined efforts of the I.N.D.I.A. alliance to work for each other, a source says. Though TMC is also part of the alliance but Mamta Didi is fighting elections all alone in the state source says. She feels that TMC is well placed to challenge BJP in the state and one statement of hers is already on record where she said that the Congress party will not win even 44 seats alone in the ongoing elections source says. Abhishek Banerjee seems very annoyed with the aggressive campaign of Congress in favour of the CPM candidate and said that the party is using unparliamentary words against the candidate, a source says. 

    Adhir Ranjan Chaudhary is stationed in the Congress-dominated area to oversee the campaign of I.N.D.I.A. alliance candidates source says. It is likely that in the Malda (North) constituency, a triangular fight between TMC, BJP and Congress candidates will see emerging new combination trends, a source says. The constituency was Congress bastion for yesteryears, but during the last ten years, BJP and TMC have roaded in the constituency, a source says. The sitting BJP MP Khagain Murmu is facing ex-IPS officer Prasoon Banerjee of TMC and Mushtaq Alam of Congress source says. The ex-CPM, MLA from Habibpur, Murmu, joined the BJP in 2019, a source says. Another interesting fight is on Malda's (South) seat. Rehaan Jahaan of TMC is giving a tough fight to Shrirupa Mitra of BJP source says. Isha Khan Chaudhary of Congress is trying hard to retain the seat source says. Abu Hasem Khan Chaudhary, father of Isha Khan represented the seat for the last five years source says. In 2021, the TMC candidate won from this constituency in assembly polls source says. 

    Being Muslim dominated constituency, the division of votes is possible between TMC and Congress party source says. Under these circumstances, the BJP candidate will have a better chance to bag the seat, a source says. From Murshidabad constituency, the sitting TMC, MP Abu Tahir Khan is facing tough challenges from Mohd. Saleem, General Secretary of CPM and Gauri Shankar Ghosh of BJP source says. 
    Congress has not given tickets from this constituency, and the supporting CPM candidate source says. Hindu votes seem aligned in favour of the BJP candidate, making the contest more interesting, a source says. The Jangipura constituency is also witnessing a triangular fight between TMC, BJP and CPM source says. The CPM candidate is supported by a Congress party a source says. In 2019 the seat was bagged by TMC nominee and local businessman Khalilur Rahman source says. This time, he is trying for re-election, but challenges from Dhananjay Ghosh of BJP and Murtuja Husain of Congress are mounting, making it tough for the sitting MP, a source says.


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