• Monday, 06 May, 2024 09:45:PM

    This time, candidates, after filing their papers, either withdraw or their papers are rejected by authorities after scrutiny due to some or other reasons, and some are very funny reasons like not signing the papers or not attaching some important papers that too by senior political leaders, who have fought many elections source says. The Surat case than at Indore and the latest Khajuraho parliamentary seats where the candidate says he does not have money to campaign source says. How and why these are happening is still a mystery, and interestingly, all are Congress nominees who have withdrawn, source says. Even in Arunachal Pradesh, where assembly elections are also going on, ten candidates withdrew, resulting in a walkover to BJP candidates, a source says. Presently, it is under wraps, but later, one or more reasons will come out in the open, and probably then, the voters will teach them a lesson for making a mockery of the most respected process of democracy, the source says.


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