• Monday, 06 May, 2024 09:45:PM

     The senior leader and ex-president of the Congress party shifted his constituency from Amethi to Raibareli. The Amethi was a traditional seat for the Gandhi family, and Rahul Gandhi represented the constituency many times but lost to Smriti Irani in 2019, a source says. The Congress party declared the name on the last day of nomination where, whereas the BJP announced the name long back, and Smriti Irani continuously in her speeches challenging Rahul Gandhi to contest, source says. The constituency's voters were also hoping that Rahul Gandhi would contest and were very vocal opposing Smriti Irani and in favour of Rahul Gandhi source says. All the surveys also predicted in favour of Rahul Gandhi source says. After a lot of suspense and drama, the nomination from Raibareli has dampened the enthusiasm of supporters of Rahul Gandhi source says. The Congress party explained that Rahul Gandhi is to take forward the mantel of his mother in politics, so he decided to contest from Raibareli after shifting Sonia Gandhi to Rajya Sabha, the source says. The most trusted and man-friday of the family in managing elections on both the constituencies K L Sharma is to challenge Smriti Irani in Amethi source says. Rahul Gandhi is also contesting from Wayanad and the voting was already completed on 26th April it’s most likely that after winning Raibareli and Wayanad, he will prefer to retain Wayanad and Priyanka Gandhi, who is not contesting on any seat, to contest in a by-election from Raibareli source says. This is most likely a plan of the Congress party for enthusiasm in the workers of the UP source says.


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